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Jun 27, 2017

[EPISODE—Narrative Analysis] In this episode, Psychotherapist, Michael Drane (@upcmd) dives into the story of a small, but powerful cult known as The Children of Thunder. Glenn Taylor Helzer, an infamous cult leader and murderer. Everything in his life was the perfect combination to create such a...

Jun 16, 2017

In this awesome (and extra long) episode, Michael Drane and Justin Krause breakdown the events of the recent controversy surrounding Evergreen State College: an angry mob of students, a frightened professor (or two or three) and a spineless president lead to many not feeling safe on this campus. Some of the...

Jun 13, 2017

In this exclusive Paranormal interview, Michael is joined by Host of the Deviatus Podcast, Jeremy Enfinger (@deviatuspod) to talk about their paranormal experiences in life, and what this meansin the mental health world. You can find the original podcast episode here or on

"When people experience...

Jun 5, 2017


Which is worse: FOOD or HEROIN?

YOU might be addicted to food if:

  1. Ever wanted to stop eating but you couldn't.
  2. Eat in Secret.
  3. Eat differently privately than you do in public.
  4. Hide FOOD
  5. Stolen other people's food

If you say YES to any of these, Listen Immediately...this book may change your life.