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Oct 15, 2018

Professor Michael Drane & Trauma Specialist Jessica Gaul discuss a remarkable therapy that taps into the rabbit hole of human neurology, EMDR therapy has been known to bypass the conscious mind and even access repressed memories. Go to to learn more about EMDR trauma therapy

Become a stalker of the...

Oct 8, 2018

The themes drawn between these two stories are spooky. We examine the psychological similarities & blur the lines. Is truth stranger than fiction? How is it that Warren Jeffs still hold so much power over his followers, even from behind prison bars?

Sep 24, 2018

Is he DANGEROUS? Where do you stand on the public BACKLASH?

In 2008- Vince Li, while in a psychotic state, Decapitated and cannibalized the person he was sitting next to after voices in his mind commanded him to do so..  

Li was found criminally not responsible due to mental illness, and is now free in the public,...

Sep 10, 2018

We analyze the PSYCHOLOGY behind some of the original fables that we grew up on as kids. 

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Sep 3, 2018

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