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A podcast where a psychotherapist dives into the broken underbelly of society, shining a light on more neglected topics in politics, technology, culture, and modern media.
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Jul 31, 2017

"Ranking the Top Ten Most Toxic Cults" episode is a stalker-only podcast you can get the FULL VERSION here: It's almost 2 and a half hours long and covers cult-logic, and the specific stories and qualifying factors of ten unique cults. Some known, some lesser-known, Justin Krause (@brobrainscience), Michael Drane (@upcmd) and Corey Stewart (@corstew91) rank these cults on a scale of 1-10, from most to least __________. For each person, the criteria is different,making this event  turbulent and interesting AF. Michael's criteria is highest body count and most bizarre ideology. Justin's criteria is damage to internal members and damage to outside public. Corey's criteria is how charismatic the cult leader is (shocker). So looking at these cults from every angle! 

PLEASE POST YOUR OWN RANKING of these cults, or maybe even cults that you would love to have seen on the list in the comments below (or in the FB group!) Hope you enjoy this Stalker-ONLY Episode—thank you for your support! Thank you for supporting us! It truly means everything to us!
—Michael, Corey & Justin

Jul 23, 2017

In this FIRST EVER Game of Thrones Feedback Podcast, Michael and Corey talk about all things Season 7, Epiode: Dragonstone. Including Khaleesi, Tyrian, Cersei Lannister, the fallout from the season 6 finale and what this means for the future of GoT!  Recap Podcast for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 "Dragonstone." Hope you guys are GoT fans!!!!! **SPOILERS** Don't listen if you aren't fully caught up on GoT! 

Jul 16, 2017

What's up stalkers! This is our UNPLUGGED episode about Nature vs. Nurture. This episode was inspired by our Patrons who asked about Glenn Taylor Helzer and the "Children of Thunder" Cult—whether or not he ever felt remorse for his murders or if whether his younger brother Justin was brainwashed or totally aware of what was going on. Stay tuned for more Black Mirror and a ranking cults episode! 

► We are not bystanders in today's culture, and we're willing to bet: Neither are you. Unpopular Culture is a podcast where a psychotherapist and a team of dedicated professionals, dive into the broken underbelly of today's society— discovering the weird and the weirdly common. New shows full of case studies, psychological breakdowns and conspiracy theories are released every Tuesday morning wherever you get your podcasts!

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